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UpdatesMay 16, 2022

Trailer safety reminder for Victorian businesses

WorkSafe Victoria has issued a reminder to businesses that use trailers to take care to only use them for the purpose for which they are designed.

WorkSafe Executive Director of Health and Safety Narelle Beer said, “Attachments, including trailers, are vital pieces of equipment on farms but like any tool, they should only be used for the task they have been designed for.

“There is no safe way to ride on trailers and attachments that are not designed to carry passengers; there is a huge risk of falling, being thrown off or being crushed by loads that shift and fall.

“WorkSafe can and will take action against employers who are not taking the risks seriously and putting lives at risk.”

WorkSafe highlighted the risks with a number of examples of cases when people were seriously injured while riding on trailers, including the following:

To eliminate the risks when using trailers and attachments, WorkSafe reminds businesses to ensure that:


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