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UpdatesDec 13, 2021

How to minimise risk and maximise potential in older workers

Recent research has shown that older workers may be more resilient to burnout, but employers need to ensure they are conscious of the risks to older workers when planning their systems of work.

A South Korean study published in August 2021 found, among other matters, that older workers were significantly less likely to suffer burnout than younger colleagues. The research sought to explain the findings by reason of the greater work experience and proficiency of older workers who had managed a competitive and stressful performance program. In terms of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of resilience cannot be understated.

The benefits of older works doesn’t end with resilience.

Other benefits include:

Having said that, it is also clear that ageing workers face specific occupational health and safety issues. These include, in general, decreased physical capacity, fatigue, increased rates of musculoskeletal disorders and a greater incidence of disease.

Some steps your business can consider taking to promote the engagement of older workers include:

Find more helpful tips to manage the health and safety risks to older workers in the Health & Safety Handbook chapter Mature-age workers.


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