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June 03, 2019 on chapter Construction

What speed limit should we set for forklifts in our dedicated outside warehouse? The business is in Victoria.

There is no mandated speed that forklifts must travel within the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 (OHS Act). Any speed limit set at the outside warehouse must comply with Section 21 of the OHS Act by controlling and reducing risks as far as reasonably practicable. Therefore, any speed limit set on the worksite must reflect the identified risks as set out in your company’s risk assessment and be enforced alongside your company’s traffic
management plan.

Deciding on a speed limit requires knowledge of a range of factors, such as:

    • the make and model of forklift being used;
    • whether the forklift manufacturer has set a speed limit;
    • the weight and weight distribution of the load the forklift will carry on the worksite;
    • what surfaces will the forklift operate on; and
    • the amount of foot traffic around where the forklift operates.

Setting a speed limit on the worksite also requires contemplation of the risks that operating this plant brings to the worksite and what the appropriate speed limit is to reduce these risks as far as reasonably practical.


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