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October 04, 2017 on chapter Contractors

What insurance documents do we need our contractors to provide us with before conducting work at our site? We are located in Adelaide. Currently, we ask for Public Liability insurance and a Return to Work SA Certificate, but is there anything else we should be requesting?

Subject to your contract of engagement, you should ensure your contractors have:

  • Workers’ Compensation insurance; and
  • Public Liability insurance.

Further information on contractors can found in the Health & Safety Handbook, in particular chapter C1 Contractors. This chapter addresses the following topics:

  • health and safety obligations in relation to contractors;
  • duties of contactors;
  • concurrent liability and reducing the risk of concurrent liability;
  • managing contractors;
  • due diligence – what you should request/inspect from your contractors;
  • differences between independent contractors and employees; and
  • reasons to engage contractors.

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