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April 01, 2021

Question from Samuel Shehata ([email protected])

I am looking for a template with questions re onboarding/on employment riks assessment. I guess it’s similar to pre employement. What questions or checklist should be included.

Hi Samuel

Thank you for your query.

We are unclear from your query the nature of the template sought, but we recommend you review Pre-Employment Assessments chapter of the Portner Health and Safety Handbook.

If your pre-employment questions relate to health and medical conditions, you must be careful as you may risk exposing your business to a possible discrimination claim. It is important to ensure that the questions asked directly relate to the requirements of the job and that you should not seek information relating to general health or medical conditions that would not be likely to have an effect on the applicant’s ability to perform the relevant role.

Hope this information assists.


Michael Selinger  Partner, Holding Redlich