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March 15, 2021

Question from Keelie Ward ([email protected])

Good Morning, I was wondering if you have anything on a “Clean Shaven Policy” to assist with us writing ours.

Hi Keelie

Unfortunately we do not have a template for a “Clean Shaven Policy”.

There is a reference to grooming in the Template: Workplace Hygiene Policy which you can find under “Templates & Resources” tab.

Generally, all workers have a duty to take reasonable care for their own health and safety and must comply with any reasonable instruction of the employer and cooperate with any reasonable policy or procedure relating to health and safety at the workplace.

Although you can require certain grooming standards for employees, it must be reasonable and not unnecessarily restrict employee’s individual expression. You must also bear in mind that beards may be grown for religious or medical reasons which may end up in a discrimination claim if required to be shaven.

If beards are not permitted because of a safety risk, for example, if the concern relates to operating heavy and dangerous machinery, you may require grooming standards to satisfy workplace safety hazards.

Hope this information assists.


Michael Selinger  Partner, Holding Redlich