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August 29, 2021 on chapter Pre-employment assessments

Can we ask a job candidate to consent to undergo a pre-employment medical assessment at their own expense? Is there anything in legislation that prevents this?

There is no legislation that prevents an employer from requesting a job candidate pay for their own pre-employment medical assessment. This may, however, be precluded by the terms of an applicable modern award or enterprise agreement.

It should be noted that the requesting employer will generally arrange and pay for the candidate’s pre-employment medical assessment. A medical assessment arranged by the employer will ensure that all relevant tests are conducted to inform them of the candidate’s fitness for work and any reasonable adjustments required. By the employer also paying for the cost of these medical examinations, the candidate is more likely to adhere to the employer’s request to undergo all necessary tests and assessments. Therefore, although there is no legislation that requires pre-employment medical assessments to be at the employer’s expense, paying for this assessment tends to promote best practice from an employer’s perspective.


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