Home - Is wearing high-viz mandatory for our workers?
April 04, 2017 on chapter Personal protective equipment

Our company is the Australian representative for an international manufacturer of industrial laundry equipment that is used in hospitals, hotels and commercial laundries.

Our technicians service customers in all Australian States and across New Zealand, and have departed from company policy (overseas) with us dictating that our technicians must wear high-viz shirts as their standard uniform. This directive has raised questions overseas asking specifically if wearing high-viz is legislated and therefore mandatory?

We believe that wearing high-viz shirts at all times will satisfy the requirements of access to our customers sites.

If the wearing of the high-vis clothing is a reasonably practicable step that the business can take to reduce the risk of harm to staff, then it is a requirement of the safety legislation that the step be implemented, unless the cost would be grossly disproportionate to the gravity and likelihood of the harm it seeks to control.


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