Home - Is there a required ratio of health representatives to workers in the workplace?

Are there any specific guidelines or legal requirements that relate to the ratio of safety and health representatives to staff numbers in the workplace? If not, how can we ensure there is a sufficient number of representatives? We are based in WA.

There is no legal requirement for a particular number of safety and health representatives (SHRs) to be appointed in a WA workplace, nor is there a requirement for the SHR to be proportionate to the workforce.

The number of SHRs in a workplace is a matter to be determined by consultation with workers before an SHR election. You have an obligation to consult with your workers on the number of SHRs in the workplace under section 30(4)(b) of the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984 (WA).

You can invite your workers to select a delegate or delegates for the purpose of consultation on the election of SHRs.


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