Home - Do we need a register of chemicals for domestic cleaning products?
September 05, 2015 on chapter Chemical safety

We recently received feedback that our office worksites were required to have a register of all chemicals, including safety data sheets. As the offices only have chemicals such as dishwashing tablets, multi-cleaning spray and fly spray, which were all purchased from the supermarket in small quantities, is this really necessary?

There is a general exemption from providing a safety data sheet (SDS) at all if the chemical is a consumer product that is likely to be used in the same quantity and manner as a household product. (Please note that if your offices are located in Victoria or Western Australia, the term material safety data sheet (MSDS) is used.)

If this exemption deals with the chemicals you have in your offices, you only need to ensure that sufficient information about the safe use, handling and storage of the chemicals is readily accessible to staff and emergency workers.


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