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October 04, 2018 on chapter Vehicle safety

Our Queensland college has its own vehicles to transport students, equipment and trailers to excursions and events. All vehicles are maintained as per scheduled services and are in good condition. Is there a legal requirement or recommendation to replace a school vehicle at a certain age?

In Queensland, the carriage of students by a school, using a vehicle owned or leased by that school, is a ‘public passenger service’ for the purposes of the Transport Operations (Passenger Transport) Act 1994 (Qld). Any vehicles being used as part of a ‘public passenger servic’ are known as ‘public passenger vehicle’ and have strict requirements as to their age and maintenance.

The applicable requirements for your ‘public passenger vehicle’ will differ based on the type of vehicle you are using. Information bulletins on the use of public passenger vehicles can be found on the Queensland Government website at www.tmr.qld.gov.au/Licensing/Passenger-transport-driver-authorisation/Information-bulletins/Vehicle-related.

You should consider the information in each of these Information Bulletins. However, in particular, it would be beneficial for you to read through VS 11 – Standard for public passenger vehicle, type age and use.


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