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April 04, 2016 on chapter Fire safety

I am currently preparing an emergency management plan (EMP), including policies and procedures. In your handbook chapter, E3 Emergency Management, you have a short version of the emergency management policy. Do you have a full copy to assist with my planning?

Every business should have an EMP in place to deal with all types of emergencies that could affect your workers. The EMP should be particular to your workplace. Things such as the layout of your workplace and your activities will be unique and will affect the content of your plan.

Hence, the downloadable emergency management policy template that has been provided in the Health & Safety Handbook is intended to be a starting point only to assist you in developing your plan. There is no generic template that we could provide that would apply to all workplaces.

Chapter E3 Emergency Management can help to guide you through some of the hazards you should consider when developing your own emergency management plan.


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