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August 29, 2021 on chapter Stress

We have a small team in our business that has an excessive workload. The workload is so heavy that staff can’t cope, and they tend to resign within a year once they burn out. Over the years, many managers, supervisors and workers have raised the issue with upper management, but with no results. Workers seem reluctant to go down the workers’ compensation path when they develop health problems as a result of stress, and it’s easier for them to simply leave. Since there is clearly a health and safety issue here, is there anything staff can do (besides resigning)? For instance, would this be something that could be reported to a regulator?

In general terms, where an employer has failed to implement effective policies and processes to reduce the risk of psychological and physical harm arising from stress, a worker is entitled to raise a complaint directly with the safety regulator to investigate the matter.


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