Home - Are online inductions simply no more than just a box-ticking exercise?
October 04, 2018 on chapter Training and induction

Many organisations provide contractor inductions through an online system that the contractor completes before they come on site. Given that a contractor may do a site induction some weeks before attending the site, and have probably attended other worksites and inductions in between, is this a credible way to deliver inductions that would hold up in court? To me it seems like a box-ticking exercise that could easily be interrogated and found inadequate.

This is a difficult question to answer as not all systems are the same, and it will depend a lot on the content and purpose of the induction. We are assuming that the induction of the contractor you are referring to is a site-specific induction by a principal, or principal contractor, to ensure that the contractor is familiar with the risks on the site.

Online induction tools can be very effective but, like with all online tools, it is important to consider how the organisation uses the tool and what, if any, additional systems are used to ensure the safety of the contractor coming to the site.


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