Home - Are all work premises required to have an audible smoke alarm?
March 06, 2015 on chapter Fire safety

Our organisation has recently moved into a new hangar. An inspection of the smoke alarm system revealed that there was no audible alarm produced inside or outside the building when a fire is detected. Apparently, the first anyone would know of a fire (if they didn’t see the smoke and flames) would be the fire truck arriving at the premises, as the alarm only contacts the central fire control at the airport. Are buildings required to have an audible alarm for their occupants?

You are correct in identifying that a smoke alarm that is not audible is as good as useless, and therefore unlikely to satisfy the relevant building standards. The Building Code of Australia provides the relevant standards for smoke alarms in residential and commercial buildings. As the standards vary according to different types of buildings, you should consult the Code to determine the legislative requirements that your building must adhere to.

You can access the Code at https://www.abcb.gov.au/.


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