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UpdatesDec 21, 2021

Young workers safety strategy

WorkSafe ACT has developed the Young Workers Strategy 2021–2023, to reduce the risks to young workers from inexperience, inadequate training and supervision, and being unaware of their work health and safety rights and responsibilities.

The strategy will include educating young workers about the role of WorkSafe ACT, work health and safety duties, and reporting. General and targeted awareness campaigns will run in schools, apprentice groups and with stakeholders.

WorkSafe ACT will also be ensuring that businesses are meeting their obligations through proactive and targeted compliance and enforcement campaigns.

Minister for Industrial Relations and Workplace Safety Mick Gentleman said, “This strategy means that young people in the ACT will be well informed and confident about their rights at work.

“Every young worker has the right to be safe at work, both physically and psychologically. Unfortunately, our young workers are at a greater risk of physical injuries and impacts on their psychological health.

“This is why we need targeted work health and safety programs and initiatives for young workers and their employers.

“WorkSafe ACT is demonstrating its commitment to supporting young workers and ensuring businesses uphold their responsibility to provide safe workplaces.”


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