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UpdatesApr 29, 2021

Traffic-lighting the way to managing the risks of working on public roads

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Safe Work Australia recently updated its workplace traffic management guidance material to include managing the risks posed by working on or near public roads.

While most organisations implement effective traffic management practices within their own site, the interaction with members of the public, government authorities, councils and other road users can add a level of complexity.

The updated guidance includes specific advice on the importance of obtaining consent from road authorities: “Authorisation for temporary management of traffic on public roads and the erection of certain traffic control devices is required from the relevant road authority prior to traffic control plans being implemented. This authorisation is separate to permission to access and carry out work on the public road, which will also be required from the relevant road authority. Each road authority will have its own methods, standards and authorisation documents which should be obtained prior to work taking place. When considering control measures such as road or footpath closures, advice and approvals should be obtained from relevant authorities, including the local council or the local police service.”

The advice notes that there may be restrictions on the time when work can be undertaken on a public road. There is also guidance on practical control measures, including the use of detour routes, speed limits, warning signs and markings to delineate where on the road the works are being undertaken.

The update also emphasises the importance of monitoring changes in traffic conditions and how that may impact on management of safety in that area.

Click here to view Safe Work Australia’s updated guidance material.


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