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UpdatesMay 16, 2022

Reminder for NSW workers: Speak up to save lives

SafeWork NSW is reminding workers to download its app called ‘Speak Up Save Lives’, in which workers can anonymously raise safety concerns with SafeWork NSW.

The app has facilitated 1,297 reports since it was launched 2 years ago. Minister for Fair Trading Eleni Petinos said anonymity is a major concern for workers, who fear speaking up could lead to their employers taking disciplinary action.

“Speaking up can be intimidating. I want to reassure workers that any identifying features of your submission will not be made visible to your employer. Everyone is entitled to a safe workspace,” Ms Petinos said.

“I urge anyone who sees anything risky or unsafe at work to please immediately report it. We all have our part to play to ensuring everyone’s safety.”

The app has helped SafeWork NSW prevent injuries and deaths. Ms Petinos noted two recent examples:

  1. “In January, we received a report about scaffolding on a construction site that had no edge protection, no safety ties and was within proximity of live powerlines. Inspectors attended the site and issued a prohibition notice immediately. Somebody could have easily fallen to their death or been electrocuted.
  2. “In another example, inspectors responded to reports of unsafe demolition and found unlicensed removalists dismantling a storm-damaged house riddled with asbestos. Not only was the house at risk of structural collapse but improper asbestos removal can release deadly particles into the surrounding air.”

Download the Speak Up Save Lives app here.


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