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UpdatesOct 03, 2021

Promoting safe practices on building sites

SafeWork officers are visiting sites across Sydney and regional NSW to promote safe practices on building sites in relation to work on ladders, roofs and scaffolds.

SafeWork NSW’s Acting Executive Director, Compliance and Dispute Resolution, Meagan McCool said, “Falling from heights is the number one killer on NSW construction sites, which is why the NSW Government is taking action to ensure sites are as safe as possible.”

“Any accident on a construction site is one too many, and a death or serious injury can have a huge impact on a person’s family and community, which is why we are committed to driving the number of falls from heights incidents right down.

“What we don’t want to see is people having an accident and injuring themselves, or worst-case scenario losing their lives, which is why our SafeWork officers will be on-the-ground state-wide ensuring safe working conditions and that lives are not put at risk when working at heights.”

SafeWork NSW officers can issue on-the-spot fines of up to $720 for individuals and $3,600 for businesses who fail to manage working at heights risks.


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