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UpdatesJul 17, 2014

10 questions to determine if you have an equal opportunity workplace

By Joanna Weekes

An equal opportunity workplace is a workplace where all workers:

An equal opportunity workplace will make your workers feel valued and willing to perform to the best of their ability. Your business will work more efficiently, reducing absenteeism and staff turnover.

A workplace that is not equal opportunity may have a negative impact on the health and safety of your workers and for example, lead to stress.

Today we have 10 questions for you to ask yourself to help determine whether your workplace is an equal opportunity workplace.

Do you have an equal opportunity workplace?

Answer the following questions to assess whether you have an equal opportunity workplace:

So have a think about these questions and what they may reflect about your workplace… If you answered mostly ‘no’ you may need to take some remedial action.

Remember, putting resources into improving equal opportunity for each and every member of your workforce now will benefit you in the future.

And one more thing before you go…

I want to quickly mention the issue of sexual harassment.

It remains a persistent problem in Australian workplaces. In fact, a recent Australian Human Rights Commission survey found that at least one-third of women had experienced sexual harassment at work.

Enjoy your weekend,

Joanna Weekes
Health & Safety Bulletin


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